Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Shopping Spree

David wanted to buy a chicken but he thought 50,000 was too much for one.  They were still alive as he carried them down the street, but they were not making a sound.
I loved this beautiful face pressed so close to his mother's back.  These babies seem never to be distressed. 

 We were so excited to find this wonderful shop.  The Library Saint Paul is Bujumbura's answer to Office Max.  They have envelopes, markers,  even card stock!  So Exciting!
 We tried a cultural feast today.  We had Mokeke at the newest hotel in town.  It was delicious.  David tried the eyeball which was not his favorite.

David watched so many people walking with a shovel or a hoe on their head, he wanted to try it. 
This scene at a school was so picturesque.


  1. Hi David and Carol! I love following your mission experiences on your blog. You both look so good and happy. We miss you in NH but pray for your success. Thank you for your inspiring examples!
    Love ya ~ Lisa Beck

  2. Love it! I always thought it was funny that in French "librairie" was the bookstore, and "bibliotheque" was the library. You really communicate a lot of your experiences with your photos and captions. Love to see what you two are doing.


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