Thursday, May 8, 2014


 I never cease to be amazed at what they transport on a bicycle!  I wonder where they get these bikes!  They hold more than a pickup truck.  If it is too much they push it instead of ride.  We've seen, bed frames, goats, bamboo, hay (or something like it), and of course multiple people.  I  am looking for a great picture of the women riding side saddle.  They are so unruffled as they ride a (taxi) bike wherever they need to go wearing a nice dress, through traffic made up of every kind of vehicle.  They are fearless!

 I have not seen a person with bad posture!  I can't stop taking pictures of people with things on their heads!  Kids, adults, women, men, baskets, buckets of cement, bunches of bananas, folded blankets, a hoe or shovel, bunches of sticks, a purse -- I am thoroughly amazed!


  1. We saw transportation like this in China. Such a wonderful world we live in where God trusts us all to love one another, respect each other's gifts and talents, and find solutions to challenges. Your photos are beautiful and I'm envious of the blog you have developed. One of your many talents! Thanks for your service, Elder and Sister!

  2. Thank - you for sharing these photo's they are amazing! I am in awe at the heavy load they bare . Great Blog! Thanks!

  3. I finally found your blog and read every one. It looks like you are having quite an adventure. We are trying to get on top of the weeds and gophers. The couple that live in your home spoke in church today and did a great job. We miss you! (We haven't been dancing yet but plan to soon.)


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