Monday, February 16, 2015

How to Skin a Cat -- There is more than one way!

More than one way........................

Here are some very innovative ways to do things.  I always thought I had to have a truck to haul things like a bicycle and a big load like the one on the left.
 And, I NEVER even thought of carrying shoes on my head.  Shoe salesmen here commonly walk around with one shoe on top of their head.

A Degree in music not required..................

Our piano recital was wonderful.  Everyone played two or three songs on an electric keyboard.  Rebecca, who is 10 years old, played her songs and  then stayed on the bench to watch the others. 

People wore shark T shirts, curlers in their hair and turbans, but no one cared.  Everyone was just encouraging and building each other.

Frida is giving lessons.  She has barely started herself, but she is successfully teaching  others.

Billy and Jody are Judith's sons.  They are working hard to do well in school so they can earn a scholarship in another country for college.  
They also help teach Rebecca who is doing great!  She played "We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet" at the last baptism.    

Another way to shop and eat....................
Not exactly COSTCO!
But take a close look at those tomatoes!
 So red and delicious and not modified! 

Remy prefers beans and rice to almost anything.
 He turned down green beans and watermelon.

The sister missionaries came home with a big bunch of  Casava leaves.  We watched them prepare it.  First they picked them all from the stems.  Then they were immersed in water that had been boiled, to wilt them.  Then they were put into this wooden  container where they pulverized them and added other vegetables like cucumbers, garlic, potatoes,  and, can't say what else.  Then it is cooked for a long time.  One recipe of Sombe lasts two days.   We have tasted sombe.  I really like watermelon and green beans! 

This road made us happy to have 4 wheel drive (like many others we traverse frequently).  We took Frida and Aimable to visit a garden project the members are working on. 

We just let the cows walk around us.(This is the same road where David was going to let them walk around him before.)   However, this time we stayed in the truck.  

 Juvenal and Aimable help the members with the gardens.  This one is quite far out in the country.  They told us they were going to pick the corn in two weeks.  David looked at some of the ears and decided to try them now.  We figured out why we haven't liked their corn.  They let it get really OLD!  Aimable tried the young corn and said he prefers it old.  We liked it young.  Do you think it is as high as in elephant's eye?

 While we were in the field, two men came by with eleven dogs.  We asked what they were hunting and they said Rabbits.  They had one in a bag over their shoulder.  They were carrying home made bows and arrows.

More than one kind of office..........................

 This is Terrance's office.  We never tire of the beauty of the Jardin Public (the park).  It is just great to exercise here with these glorious trees just pumping out the oxygen!  Wonderful!

 These flowering trees are in full bloom now.

 I couldn't help but think that this man would like to use our electric hedge trimmers, but it would take a pretty long cord, so maybe not.  Maybe hand clippers are the best way to do this BIG job!

Just love the colors of this bird's apparel.  Black doesn't look good on me, but it looks great on him!

                      So, there wasn't one cat in the whole blog, but You get the picture!  

"Live to learn, Learn to love, then you'll love to live."

                                                                                                      Matthew Cowley