Thursday, May 8, 2014

Beautiful Bujumbura

 This is theTulip hotel.  We pass this many times a day.  It is not far from where we live.
 There are so many beautiful trees!  So many that are different from the trees in Utah.  Everything is green, green, green!
 This mosque has a speaker system that is so loud we can hear it from our house which is almost this far away from it.  They start about 4 a.m. with their songs and chants.  We have learned to tune it out. I wish I knew what they were saying.
 This is Bujumbura from up on the hill.  The fenced in portion is a monument to some National Heros.  We were not allowed to go inside and walk around.
 David got so excited to see the pole beans along the road.
 The mountains on the east of the city are like this for miles.  The people who live here have to go way down into the valley and carry their only water from the river back up to their houses.

The fans palms are so amazing.  They are all over the city.

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