Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Meeting under a Mango Tree

 Following the Cahoons.  We have a Toyota truck just like that white one ahead of us.  Toyota moves Burundi.  85% of the cars, maybe more are Toyota.
 This cute little girls is a dancer.  She is babysitting this little boy whose mom teaches school.

 Like David's hat? The Bananas behind him are beautiful!  This one tree has two or three of these big bunches. 
We could save a lot of money on fancy back packs and front packs if we could learn to use a simple blanket like this.  The cute little mom leans over and tosses her baby on her back and wraps him up.  I have never seen one of these little ones crying and they are tied on tight. I love to see the little feet on each of her hips.

 Some one should do a painting of this beautiful Grandmother.

 Meeting underneath a big Mango tree.  What a way to do business!

I loved this truck.  This is a load and a half!


  1. Wow- that truck looks like it's going to tip over! What an adventure you are having!

  2. I know who should do the painting!! YOU MOM! :) I want you to tell me how a tree-ripened banana tastes. I am so curious to know if it is way more delicious. I can only imagine, yes. xoox


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