Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bujumbura finally!  We Have Been hopping all over Africa this week.   We flew into Johannesburg on April 9 and HAD Some training and stayed at the beautiful peaceful Sunnyside Hotel.   We met every day at the church offices on the same property as the temple.
Then on Monday we flew to Lubumbashi.   How wonderful That the Mission President and his wife Were there waiting for us.   They Had Some young men, one in a yellow "Helping Hands Shirt" grab our luggage and head to the truck.   Would Have It . beens without upsetting the yellow shirt   . While We Were There, we stayed at a little bungalow called Expired Bougan Villa within walking distance of the Mission home    We met the Sister missionaries. - so many beautiful girls from all Kinshasa   We had a chance to meet with . the President and talk about what he Would like us to do   . He is amazing   He Has Worked all over Africa in His business - used clothing dirty.   He is very comfortable here. 
The same cute boys with the helping hands shirt got us on the plane.   countries the Church The one young man to take the passports, and the money to pay for everything you need.   He jumped through all of the hoops for us.   All We had do to get on the plane WAS.   We flew to Nairobi and sat for 7 hours before the short jump to Bujumbura.   Cahoons The were here waiting for us and Brought us to our apartment. 
It looks like a palace.   It is a two story building with apartments on the top floor for four young missionaries.   Ours is ground level, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a small kitchen built for a short woman, a washing machine and a clothes line , king size bed, cicada's in the trees at night and Some beautiful birds in the morning.   There is a high fence all around with a solid metal gate and a guard.

This is a beautiful city and we-have-been ble to go to with Cahoons Some stores today and stocked up on food.    The mango We had for breakfast was sublime!   WOW!   Never had better!   We ate lunch at the one little shop - lots of choices in meat, produce, household items plus a small luncheonette Where We Bought Some Spinach soup and a cheese quiche.   Yummy.   There is lots of work to do, we are getting adjusted purpose and Trying to remember to ask all of the issues we can before the Cahoons go home.   Thankfully the Neeleys are coming on Saturday.   It Will take two couples to do what the Cahoons-have-been doing here by Themselves for the last 18 months.


  1. So happy to hear you are there. Sounds like your home is nice. Glad you had a warm welcome.

  2. Yay! I'm so glad to hear your fun details!


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