Thursday, June 5, 2014

Welcome to our house!

 Makyla asked some very good questions, so I decided I would do a blog on our house here in Bujumbura.  There are many houses like this, cement construction, inside of a big wall with a locked gate. This is our patio.  We eat breakfast here most days.  Dinner not so much as the mosquitos are out then and there are no screens on the patio.
 This is how it looks from the street.  You can only see the upstairs where the  four Elders live.  They are really cute boys who speak French and Swahili.  They are learning English so we practice with them. One night we taught two of them to play Rummikub.
 This is the view from their deck one direction and the other.  Our yard is very nice.  Remy takes care of it.  David planted beans, corn and chard.
 Here is our kitchen.  The cabinets are pretty short, but we don't spend much time here, so it is okay.  This is our cupboard for dishes and our food storage.
 Our refrigerator is like the one in Romania.  See the family pictures on it?
 This is the Burundi Country Welfare Office, our den, We spend lots of time here on the net writing emails and writing up projects on the church program for Humanitarian work.
 When weather doesn't permit us to eat outside, we have this nice little table and chairs inside.
 Making our bed includes, fluffing the pillows, straightening the sheet and tying up the mosquito net.  Our bed is great since we took the extra matress off the guest bed and added it to ours. :)
 Our bathroom has lots of variety in tile. This is our sink and shower.
 There is also a second shower that we never use.  It is lower.  Both bathrooms have one of these.
 One of the two guest bedrooms.  Neither has a matress because we use one of them and the Elders upstairs have one for visiting elders.
 The second bath room which we never use has the same different tiles.

 This is our laundry room.  It opens up the the outside.  What you see is the back yard and the sink and counter where Remy prepares his food.  The dryer is the clothes lines you can't see because they are hanging above in this picture.
This is our living room.  David plays the keyboard here.  He decided to just stand.  It is easier than finding a sit down place to play.  Our "air conditioning" is in the foreground.

That's it!  It is comfy and safe and very open.  The air from outside blows through all of the time.  Last night when it rained, we loved it.   You can hear it and smell it like you were sleeping outside. We enjoy being at home.


  1. COOL! I wonder if that second shower is for cleaning off your feet when you come in. It probably gets dusty and if you wear sandals all the time, you would need to clean your feet before you get into bed. That's what I would use it for. :)

  2. Love seeing where you are living! Hope things are going well.

  3. I love it. It looks like you have an extra bed for us when we come visit but I'm not sure who is going to give up their mattress for us, you or the Elders. HA HA
    You guys are so funny. Love the boards on Elder Van's head, and that we got to see him brushing his teeth. Love you

  4. forgot to say, love your Burundi Country Directors Office.

  5. I know you're doing great and I hope everything goes better and better as you enjoy your staying in God's work. We love you and miss you tons

  6. We love you guys and miss you tons.

  7. Just checking in on you! Loved seeing your home it seems cute and confortable. It's been hot with no rain. we planed some watermellon and some lemon cucumbers in the garden we'll see how they grow!!! Miss you both Love Chrissie Hunt

  8. Wow, your life is very interesting. We love you! --KH

  9. Now I can "see" you at home each day and wonder if you are making everything better as you did in New Harmony. Thanks for helping us become more loving as is God toward others whose culture is different from ours.

  10. Love your pictures! Carol, the captions express your humor and faith so well. Love you, Beth


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