Sunday, June 22, 2014

Patience and Faith

One day on the way to a latrine site, the gentleman with us who was giving us directions said, "Go there, continue..."  We looked and the narrow street was filled with a large blue flat nosed cargo van backing down the street slowly.  We couldn't see any way to get past it. It filled the street and there were random shops on one side and a deep ditch with a steep side on the other.   But our director was filled with faith. "Yes, continue" he said, "You can do it."  We followed and finally the truck backed into a space and we were able to edge around it.  Often the roads look like this, but you just "continue....."  It made me think that life is sometimes that way.  We can see no way to get through the things in our path, and without faith we may stop.  The spirit whispers, "Continue, you can do it."  So we go ahead and then our faith grows when we see that there really is a way - the Lord's way.  
This is not a picture of that day, but it reminds me of it.

Notice there are two women on the back of one bicycle, and one on the other one.

 These women riding side saddle on the back of bicycles take my breath away.  They ride through traffic, weaving in and around pot holes, motorcycles, cars, trucks and other bicycles as if there is no danger.  Some don't even hold on.  With a basket or a goat on her lap and a baby tied to her back, they are as nonchalant as can be.   This is faith!

 Okay we didn't try to go down these streets, They are markets.

 These big horns would scare me, but they drive these cows down one of the main streets, and no one is concerned in the least.  They appear very docile.
 Here's a good one -- continue...........
 This is the padded seat they ride on.  Funny they seem to be mostly red and the ladies always ride facing the left.

In Revelations we read that Patience and Faith and keeping the commandments of God are the tools of victory.  Here's hoping we can learn more of Patience and Faith from these amazing Burundians.

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  1. Wow, that is pretty amazing to ride around like that, and I love your analogy. I probably won't pick up this African habit. I wonder what they would say to all the people riding with helmets around here.


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