Sunday, June 29, 2014


 This was a crazy day. First we drove in this hole you see below and it took about 8 people to help us get out.  (The other 20 were just laughing.)  Then we locked both keys inside the truck and it took Claude and his handy tool made from rebar to get the door open for us.  We had fortunately left one window open about 2 inches!  Who needs AAA when you have Claude!

 Here's our local Walmart owned by a Chinese Entrepreneur.  And this is Home Depot below.  Generators are in demand.  We bought a fan and a stool and priced a few other things. This store is owned by a man from India. 

 The Tailor shop is all up and down Mission Street. They sit in front of the stores with their treddle machines. You just pick out the picture of the dress you want, you are measured and Voila!  A new dress.  These tailors are well trained!  They create their own patterns. 

David is checking to see if this location is open so he can rent it for His new business.  

 I love to see these guys with folded fabric, sheets, blankets, etc. on Their Heads.      
       They are selling them in the streets.
 Look close at the name over this Bed Store. Elder Neeley is buying a mattress for the Elders.

See how interested my students are in English?

We went to the Beach and met first this Chimpanzee, then a group of Burundian Drummers.

 For a price, they will let you join in.

These little yellow taxis are everywhere.  Some loaded more than others. 

 These vans are also everyday transport.  They are usually stuffed!  At least 18 people fit in one of these.  The man hanging out of the side window is a common sight.  He is calling out how many empty seats they have for people waiting on the side of the road. 

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  1. I would love to start carrying things around on my head, but that might be a little too conspicuous here. Love seeing you cute people in pictures!


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