Sunday, July 13, 2014

Work and Play

 Sometimes I can not tell the difference between Work and Play. I would love to have taken a ride on top of a fully loaded truck when I was young. Now I see this as one of those things we tried to get our children to NOT do.

 These trucks loaded crack me up!                 I can not count how many are on top of this one.

 Keeping things clean is it work or play?      In the river you can wash your car, your clothes, your body, you name it. And Remy has a tool for getting spiders and webs down from our high ceilings. 
He comes in and hunts them down .

The Motorcycle wash station is a buzz of activity on Good Days. It is unbelievable how Many People there are dipping water out of the ditch to wash their bikes down.
                                                    The suds are noticeably abundant!
We-have found the water so soft that a tablespoon of laundry soap is too much! Here's a close up of the man behind the center figure. Yes, it's fish on a table for sale - the fish, not the table.   Though he would probably sell it to you for the right price -
fish and all. 

Little ones try your patience, 
but Jeanne d 'Arc is almost ready to play for church


Growing beans and feeding

ant lions are definitely PLAY!

So fill your day with work and play, there's nothing more that we can say.

I think It was Henry Ford Have you said. "Do what you love, and you Will Never work has Dayin 


  1. Wow! Mission work is lots of fun, lots of work and there is lots of adventure/play.
    Thanks, love you! Wendy

  2. Ha! Awesome, I love that pull-up'n man. You go Daddio! Feeding ant lions is definitely fun, and something I haven't done in forever. All that fruit seriously looks like heaven, although we had a pretty great dinner tonight...a big salad with fresh toppings and crock-pot chicken with carrot salad and fresh corn. Yum.


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